Vision , Mission & Values



We nurture sensitive and responsive young minds capable of critical thinking in an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence, so as to enable them to undertake leadership roles as global citizens.


Our mission is to:-

  1. Train young minds to
    1. Develop Empathy
    2. Develop leadership skills and the ability to think critically
  2. Develop a culture of collaboration and cooperation

The school believes in all round development of students through fair, transparent and unbiased practices.

  • To maintain and continually improve academic performance

  • To provide modern and proven techniques in classroom teaching and use electronic teaching aids for more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

  • To motivate and encourage students always to strive for better standards in every subject and every class so that failures are eliminated.

  • To develop all round interest & self-confidence, by ensuring that every student participates in literary, cultural and social activities, sports and games.

  • To achieve effectiveness in teaching methods & provide professional satisfaction by conducting regular in-service training sessions & motivation programmes.

  • To closely interact with parents & stakeholders for continual improvement in school performance and thereby achieve Excellence In Education